Expect the eternity in entire journey

You can have the readymade. But the beauty of tailor-made travels beyond expectations.

You enjoy your tour when it is designed for you. Go Holidays is always on the go to craft your tours. 'Customized Tours' has been our forte since we started. We design and arrange the tours according to your requirements. We wish to provide you with what you want the most. We prefer your preferences. The places you visit are more beautiful when you can choose them yourself and can appreciate their splendour as per your time. That's the best way to be rejoiced with your tour, your holidays.

After studying in Travel and Tourism, Mr. Makarand Angal, capable Director of Go Holidays, started earning his experiences with Group Tours. With 10 years of experience, he came up with the idea of Customized Tours. 'Customized Tours' has now become our speciality.

Just tell us what you want and we will craft it for you.


National Sales Award from Mr. Arjun Sharma ( MD - Select Group )

20 October 2018 at Delhi

20 October 2018 at Delhi