About Us

About Us

In the year 2003 "Go Holidays" started its journey with a powerful vision of our founder and director, 'Mr.Makarand Angal'. Even though there were great numbers of tour operators, yet there was something missing. They were not offering their clients the right package, paving way to the need to give birth to an organization that will be driven by a strong purpose and a vision with enthusiastic travelers in mind. Thus, Go Holidays was incorporated. The vision behind creating Go Holidays was to give every traveler a holiday experience with a difference. The vision had a passion to take people on an adventurous journey to the known and unknown destinations across the India.

Go Holidays started creating success stories for itself year after year .Today Go Holidays has risen ‘the’ premium luxury travel company in the tourism industry and caters to more than five thousand tourists every year. The journey of Go Holidays has just begun. The dedicated team of Go Holidays understands that even though there are various options of entertainment available to people, travelling has its own charm for people who love to experience the culture and its community from various regions. Tourists not only travel in groups, they also love to explore places with their own pace just with their loved ones and want to visit destinations they have just heard of. Seeing a vacuum and a potential in catering to these avid travelers, Go Holidays took up the challenge and after rigorous and intensive research went ahead and launched its made to order tour. A tour designed exclusively for individuals, families or people travelling in groups. Today Go Holidays boasts of the only travel company to tailor made your journey giving you the opportunity to create memories of a life time.

The passion with which Go Holidays serves its customers is driven by its Core Ideologies

Our Core Values :

  • We ensure smooth and safe journey
  • Every journey is vibrant joyful experience
  • Yes "we do it" always
  • We create a meaningful relationship

How Go Holidays can change the way you travel:

Living by its Core Values and Core Purpose, the team of Go Holidays ensures that you experience the very best and they do this by offering the world on a platter just for you to create your own story as you travel.

The Go Holidays team is a group of young and dynamic tour professionals eager to welcome you at your destination. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that your holiday trip takes off to a great start and end with memorable joyful journey.

Go Holidays invites you to :

  • Come and explore the vastness of the deserts. Aim for the sky and capture the opportunity to trek the peaks of Himalayas!!
  • Stretch out under the glory of Sun God or just let yourself unwind on the golden beaches!!
  • Armed with your cameras hunt down the wild tigers or make wild friends in the rain forests!!
  • Experience travelling on top of the world’s oldest working locomotive!!
  • Dare and face the mammoth force of the rapids by grabbing a chance to go river rafting in the wild waters!!

These are just few of the excitement and adventurous experience that you will go through while you are on a holiday with Go Holidays. We welcome with open arms one and all to come and explore India like never before and take back memories of a life time!!